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1. What is FORCE and was it created by Yoda?
Hmmm, I’ve been thinking about a good title for my business card, and perhaps that’s it! But no, I’m not Yoda, my name is Andrew Ross and I live in Gaithersburg, MD and have been running an event business for the past 10 years and have hired approximately 1,000 students for gigs, seasonal jobs and regular jobs. I love seeing former employees come back years later and talk about how nuggets of their first job helped them figure out what to study and what career to pursue. Ironically, my high school job was working for a party company dressing up as characters and that led me to be a business major and start my event business. Having a first job is an important part of a student’s maturation, and I founded FORCE to help eliminate the barriers to students finding their first jobs.

2. What types of jobs fit into the F-O-R-C-E taxonomy?
a. FOOD – Jobs at restaurants, food trucks, food delivery.
b. Office/Other – Desk jobs, Marketing Jobs, Social Media Jobs, Landscaping, Moving and Jobs not otherwise classified on the site
c. Retail – Mall Jobs, Clothing, Cashier Jobs, etc.
d. Care – Babysitting, childcare, lifeguard, camp counselors, pet care, care for the elderly, event staff.
e. Educational – Internships and other jobs where you will expect to learn something as a key part of taking the job. Unpaid jobs will typically fit into this category as well.

3. Do you screen candidates or employers before they are allowed to post?
We do not screen candidates or employers, although we do monitor the site for unusual activity and may take down listings or profiles that violate the terms of agreement. Please do your diligence about jobs and we recommend always have your first meeting at a “neutral location” like a Starbucks or at a place of business that has other people present. Of course, we recommend you use the FORCE Video Lobby for candidates and employers for the first time.

4. What is “The Lobby”?
The Lobby is our online video interviewing system whereby employers and students can have a brief meeting to see if there is a potential fit before there needs to be an in-person meeting. We encourage everyone to use The Lobby as a pre-screen – applicants should feel comfortable asking employers to take this initial step. The Lobby works best computer to computer and you will need a webcam – if either party needs to use a mobile device/tablet, please contact us and we will help facilitate that connection through our Mobile Beta Lobby.

5. Why do you ask job seekers to remain anonymous?
We believe it is important to hide the identities of youth who are applying to jobs with people who they don’t know.  A student’s profile, video, and resume should give plenty of information about their personality and qualifications.  He/she can choose to provide your personal information once you have made initial, private contact with an employer through the Lobby and/or the FORCE messaging system. We want every job seeker to feel that FORCE is a safe place and please contact us immediately if there is anything/anyone on the site that makes you uncomfortable so we can get involved.

6. Are there any restrictions for applying for jobs?
We ask that students limit themselves to applying for five (5) jobs at the same time. This is to ensure that you apply for jobs that you are actually interested in. If we notice job seekers are spamming jobs and then not communicating with interested employers, we may remove your profile from the site. Other than that, please apply for jobs that interest you and we wish you good luck!

7. I submitted a request to reset my password, but I didn’t receive an email with instructions. What should I do?
Check your junk and spam folders for a message from …email…@worktheforce.com.

8. I am not receiving emails from FORCE from applicants or from employers. What should I do?
Check your junk and spam folders for a message from …email…@worktheforce.com.

9. How do I change my name? (Also called Username or Company Name.)

Talk to your parents… Oh wait, just kidding…

If you wish to change your user name, please follow these steps:
1. Go to “My Dashboard”
2. In the bottom right hand side of of the page is “Account Options”
3. Under that you’ll see “Edit Profile”
4. You may change your name under “Your Details.”
5. Don’t forget to click on the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.

Hiring Laws

1. Am I eligible to apply for a job?
In your profile, you must state whether you are legally able to work in the US and verify that you have not been convicted of a felony. You should be able to meet those two criteria to apply for a job on FORCE.

2. What is the difference between being hired as a contractor or an employee?
Please see this page from the IRS to determine whether a position is most appropriate for a contractor or an employee.

3. Do I need to pay taxes for work I do?
The simple answer is YES. You should consult with your parents, an accountant and check out irs.gov for more detailed information. Your employer will probably ask you to fill out some tax forms when you begin working, and here are the most common ones:
i. W-4 – Withholding Calculator
ii. State Income Tax Withholding Form – State Specific
iii. I-9 – Employment Eligibility
iv. W-9 – Contractor Request for SSN
v. Others – Ask Your Employer
Employers, we encourage you to speak with your accountant or hire a firm such as ADP or Intuit to get the best advice on employment and tax issues for your business.

4. What is the minimum wage where I live and does it apply to me?
Please see this page for the minimum wage laws and any exclusions that may apply.

5. What are age restrictions to my working? Do I need a work permit?
Here is a great site to learn the age restriction laws, which differ state by state.  Some states require a work permit – you should also ask your employer or your guidance counselor at school if you have any questions.


Getting Involved


1. How can FORCE offer free listings?
Our primary concern is to help place as many students in jobs as possible. Once the marketplace is bustling with students and employers making connections, we are confident that there will be ways to generate revenue.

2. How can I advertise on the site?
You will notice that there are some ad spots on the site. For more information, contact Andrew@worktheforce.com

3. Are there other ways you can support FORCE?
Yes!  We are excited to be embarking on a crowdfunding campaign, sponsored by FOX’s Crowd Funder Show, which will air in parts of the US and Canada the first week of April (keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more info. You will be able to purchase gift cards at face value (ie. You can purchase a $100 Starbucks gift card for $100) and FORCE will get a portion of that revenue to help grow the business. Check out the crowdfunding campaign now and please buy a gift card!

4. You are only in the DC area now. When will you come to my area?
Geez, we just launched recently, what’s with the pressure? But seriously, before we launch in any area, we need to find enough businesses willing to post jobs so that it is worth it for students to come to the site. If you want to help, contact Andrew@worktheforce.com.


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